Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Amor con sal, chile, limón

Querido lector (Dearest Reader),

I have written previously about cilantro as the secret to Mexican cooking. Today, I share with you the other key, the trinity: sal, chile, limón (salt, chili, [and] lime).

This trio can be found on every table, your regular daily condiment, as common as table salt is here. It is a also a refrain you hear anywhere that food can be found. No “and” necessary. It is a phrase unto itself. Siempre así, “Sal, chile, limón.”

Last night, I prepared mango the proper way – seasoned with sal, chile, limón – for dessert, and it was such a treat. Just the right combination of sweetness with a kick.

Love with a sprinkling of sal, chile, limón,

Sunkist Miss

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