Thursday, November 19, 2009

Other considerations:

I’ve been thinking about potentially donating my wedding dress, now that the wedding is over. Saving it seems wasteful when there are organizations that can use it to provide other brides with affordable dress options while using the profits for charitable causes. And really, while I suppose its possible that someday I might have a daughter who wants it, the odds are dramatically against this ((a) I might not have a girl, (b) she likely won’t be my size, (c) even if she is, she likely won’t share my taste)).

On the other hand, it is sort of sentimental, and maybe some day I would appreciate being able to go back and look at it.

Either way, I need to decide soon. If it’s being kept I need to deal with getting it cleaned and preserved. If it’s being shipped for charity, well, it’ll still need cleaning etc, so sooner is still better. Any thoughts?


katrina said...

Yes, a tough one, SM. I think you have the right to be sentimental about this if that is what you really want. You have been very conscientious so far. In my case, my mom was really excited about having my wedding dress preserved, so it took the decision mostly out of my hands. (If I had absolutely refused, she wouldn't have done it, but that was not my inclination). She and I had shopped for the dress together and endured a number of fittings and the design and execution of a jacket to wear over the dress, since everything is sleeveless nowadays. She was really psyched about how well the dress matched the jacket--people really thought they were made together. I don't think she would have been very happy picturing someone else cutting it up to fit her. But I return to my original point: If you want it for sentimental reasons, I don't see why not. You could make a small donation to an organization that provides wedding dresses to poor people. Think of it as a wedding-dress offset.

Sunkist Miss said...

Katrina, this is a good point. I will definitely think about the "wedding-dress offset" idea.