Saturday, October 20, 2007

Credit where credit is due

So, since only one person knew the answer to one part of the “rhyme and reason” question, I’m providing some clarification.

“Postcards from Outer Space” comes from that fabulous Muppet show of my childhood – Fraggle Rock – in which Gobo’s Uncle Traveling Matt travels to the (human) world of “outer space” and sends Nephew Gobo postcards recording his observations of the “silly creatures” (us).

Sunkist Miss comes from the chorus of the classic song, “California, Here I Come.” Listen and learn. (I have also seen it transcribed as "sun-kissed", but hey, I had to choose, and this was cute!)

And yes, obviously “If I only had a blog” was an allusion to the Wizard of Oz, but no, that was not one of the questions I was asking you to guess! (Several people have asked about this).


Aliza said...

yay. my freakish fraggle-ness is proven!

also, did you mean to have a link to the song? there was none.

Sunkist Miss said...

Indeed! Not for nothing do i think of you as Red Fraggle. :)

Also, I didn't find an good audio of the song (did find the lyrics, but didn't bother linking). Maybe I just didn't search long enough. Did mean to link to the Wikipedia page about the song. Will fix that.