Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If I only had a blog...

Confession: for the past year I have had a file called "If I only had a blog." There were two purposes. One was to find out if I would actually use it enough to make a blog worthwhile (the answer is yes). The second (and somewhat contradictory) purpose was to help prevent me from writing a blog by giving myself another outlet. After all, I think blogs are a really weird phenomenon. Who wants their diary online?! In reality, what has evolved over the past year is clearly not a diary. It is a document compiling some of my stories, thoughts and observations that I want to share with people. So, here we are.

So, some ground rules: if you know me, which, let's face it, you probably do, please refrain from posting any identifying information beyond how I've identified myself. Basically, while googling myself is fun, I don’t want to find this page when I do so – either directly or indirectly.

Rhyme and Reason: yes, both the title of the blog and my username are references. (No, the references are not related to each other). Brownie points if you can figure them out without google. :)

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